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Invitational Owl Cam

We are providing this feed for dedicated owl watchers.

Unfortunately, access is limited to authenticated YouTube users. This is the Google Acct you use to watch YouTube videos, and appears in the upper right of your screen. If you aren't sure, put the email you have, and we'll send the access link there.

If you can't chat in the main owl cam live stream, you won't be able to watch this stream. We sincerely apologize.
For the protection and privacy of the owls and the homeowners in the vicinity, we need to ensure that anyone watching will keep the location confidential. We need you to give us your solemn, owl-loving promise not to divulge the location, not to disturb the owls, nor draw undue attention to their location if you are in the vicinity. You also understand that owl parents are protective of their young, and may attack humans who approach too closely.

Thank You!

If you choose to donate, you can use the buttons below. No pressure here… this is only if you want. This has been a really amazing experience.

Thank the owners with a Sturtz & Copeland gift card:

Support Mike’s time and expenses:

Support Scott’s work at CARRI (Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute):

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