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Emergency Owl Cam

Because the withdrawal symptoms won’t go away.

About Chat

You can log in as a guest without having to create an account. But give yourself a good name so we know who you are! Want superpowers like Rivi? You will have to create an account for that.

About the videos

It’s hard to find a live stream that 1) allows embedding, and 2) is anywhere near as cute as Una, Dos, and Tres. If you find a better one, post it in the chat above or email me.

About this page

As Covid drags on, it becomes clear that staying connected isn’t a nicety; it’s part of our humanity. My attempts at a YouTube “currated watch party”, although technically feasible, proved problematic in both the human effort required and YouTube’s automated copyright tools. In plain English, it’s challenging to find 3rd party content that we can watch live and not have it taken down by YouTube. YouTube thought the bananas on my coffee table was a copyrighted video! I hope this effort brings you some joy – let me know how it’s working!

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