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Educational & Contract Cinematography

We develop educational programs in film and broadcast, and generally experiment with the medium.

Our Owl Cam has finished

Contact us if you would like to get periodic updates on the three owlies, who still reside in the Denver area.


Shenzhen / Hong Kong
Boulder / Denver


GH5 / DJI / GoPro/ Axis

FCP / AE / Premiere


When I can. Got an interesting project? Email me:

[email protected]

What We Do


The pen is mightier than the sword, but the lens is mightier still.


Let us shoot your event, project, or site.


We have developed successful school programs for ages 9 and above.

Educational Events

We run some pretty cool outdoor film trips for students.

Mr. DeHart was one of my most influential teachers. Under his mentorship I was able to explore my talents in the official school broadcast that he founded, co-direct a full length feature film (about rubber bands!), not to mention make hundreds of short skits and ads that I still look back on to this day. He really was the driving force that helped me develop my passion for film and marketing. 10 out of 10.

– Caisa, former film student –

I once saw a quote ‘Good teachers teach. Great teachers inspire’. Simply put, Mike DeHart is a great teacher. He not only inspired my daughter, he helped her discover a talent she didn’t realise she had, and empowered her to develop this into a passion that has brought her so much fun and personal fulfillment. Thank you, Mike!

– Carol, parent –

Mr. DeHart somehow makes everything special through his authenticity. He understands the people he works with and is therefore able to produce memorable and significant projects, whether it be comedic, profound, or anything in between. He is, most definitely, the bomb.

– Margaux, former film student –


Social Distancing

An attempt to address the tension between denial and hysteria amid Covid-19.

Contraband Trailer

Funny what happens when you hang out with kids.

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